Convert Get text into DataTable


I am recording a sequence where I pick up my search results from Copy Text activity. The variable type in Generic value. How to convert it into Data Table? As I want these results in an excel format.

Please guide.

Regarding how to copy data from clipboard to excel
How to convert Generic value type to data table

Hi @himaniaggarwal1

Create a new data table using Build Data Table activity with required number of columns and set the variable type of the columns. After creating the data table structure you can add the records by using add Data Row activity to insert records into the data table that you have created. You can also export the data table into worksheet using write range activity.



Okay I did that. But how do I put the text that I have extracted from my webpage in the build data table? Isn’t build data table useful only when we have to type the data table ourselves?
Is there an option anywhere to put my text received from get Text activity?


You can use Add Data Row activity to add new row to your data table. You can also insert single value into the row by Assign Activity datatable_name.rows(row_index)(column_index)= value.


The nature of the variable of my extracted text is Generic value. There is no option to put Generic value data in Add Data Row.


convert that one into rquiered format and assign to data row activity


How to convert that’s what the problem is!


can you check first of all which coulmn you want to add the data.based on that column datatype u need to convert those generic value