Convert from Legacy to Windows


To convert to Windows, other than simply convert the project from Studio, do I need to install .net 6 in my Studio machine, as which is described as the default framework ?

Also to run the project in Unattended Robot, do I also need to install .net 6 to all my robots?


Hi @Snowman

To migrate your UiPath project to Windows, you will need to install .NET 6 on your Studio machine. .NET 6 is the default framework for Windows projects in UiPath. Installing .NET 6 will ensure that you have the necessary runtime and libraries to build and run Windows projects in Studio.

Regarding running the project on Unattended Robots, you will not necessarily need to install .NET 6 on each robot machine. When you publish your project, the necessary dependencies and runtime will be included in the published package. The robot machine will use these dependencies to execute the project without requiring a separate installation of .NET 6. However, it’s important to ensure that the robot machine has the minimum required version of .NET Framework installed, which can be found in the UiPath documentation.

Hope this helps


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Thank you very much for your prompt and detail explanation.


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