Convert Excel worksheets to a PDF

Hello Community,

i am trying to convert multiple Excel worksheets to a own PDF.

I am useing a for each loop and the Studio activity ‘Save Excel As PDF’.

Is it possible to loop through all Worksheets with a counter variable and print every worksheet to PDF within the used activity? [E.g. Excel.Sheet(“Worksheet”+counter+) ]

Unfortunately i cannot create a dynamic counter variable because it keeps giving me this error.


I don’t this so we can able pass the counter in the Save Excel file as PDF activity.

  1. Use Excel process scope
  2. Use Excel file
  3. Save Excel File As PDF

Just Use as Excel

Look out the screenshot


Refer this video link


Hello @MWB ,

Read all the sheet one by one and create new excel file and write data into that and save that file as pdf.

Hope this will help you.


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