Convert double to date/time

I filtered a column “time”.
Example of a row = 07:33:04

07:33:04 after i filtered and passed the variable to the “Output Data Table” it returned as 43832.3146296296. I guess this happens because it got converted from Datetime or datatable to string.

How can I make this 43832.3146296296 to a date again?


Please explain us what you are trying to do by converting the datatable to output datatable.

This is just a sample:

The column “Tid” is the starttime. The Column “Längd” is how many minutes it took to do the said thing.
I need to check that endtime and the next starttime is 2 or less than 2 minutes in between.

I have started with the logic to calculate the difference between two rows and it looks like this(only hardcoded for the moment):

I am trying different ways to make this work hehe.

This one is before the sequence above(also hardcoded values):



You can check this in a IF activity.

DateTime.Parse(startTime).AddMinutes(Convert.ToDouble( "Längd")).Subtract(DateTime.Parse(startTime)).Minutes> 2

But you need to loop those excel foreach row and get next row start time value also to compare if required.

So first I should add a “For Each Row” acitivity and then inside put in the IF acitivity with this:
“DateTime.Parse(startTime).AddMinutes(Convert.ToDouble( “Längd”)).Subtract(DateTime.Parse(startTime)).Minutes> 2” in the “condition”?

Im little bit confused how i should set it up.

I need to subtract 10:08:54 with (07:33:04 + 61 minutes)

Then i need to subtract 10:58:06 with (10:08:54 + 48 minutes)

Really confused how i will get the sum and then store the result.