Convert document understanding sub table to string

Hi team

i have extracted a table in document understanding with just one column. and i want that column (the whole extracted data column) to be converted in a string separated with comma (,) and be written in excel in place of table

for example like right now after the extraction and writing in excel the cell says table and then in another sheet shows the content of the table
but i dont want that
i want the content of table to be separated by comma and be added in one cell and written in place of table in the before sheet

so how can i do it?

Since your Table has only one column you can convert into a single String as below -

String Temp = String.Join(",", dt.AsEnumerable.Select(function(row) row(0).ToString.Trim).ToArray)

Then you can use Write Cell to write this Temp String to Excel.

If this solves your problem then please mark this as your solution.

It worked thankyou so much :slight_smile:

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