Convert decimal value to different format and compare with respective input


SAP Inp is the standard input currency format. Invoice Out is the possible ways that the output file will have for this respective SAP Inp field.

SAP Inp Invoice Out
87,90 87,90
203.453,00 203453,00
203 453,00
324.203.453,00 324203453,00
324 203 453,00

I need to write logic this, if any of the Invoice out value exist in output file for the respective input(SAP Inp).

This one is the challenging one in my process and process is delayed due to this. Would me grateful if anyone help me on this.


You are looking for the exact match of the SAP in in the out file?

yes, anyone of the possible output format which i mentioned above.

But Input format always same.

Not sure if i fully understood. But run this testSubstring.xaml (6.6 KB) and let me know if that is what you want.

This takes, the SAP one and the Invoice one and replaces all dot, comma and spaces and sees if there is a match

Thank you so much for your support Nadim.

one more question: If i want to keep ( , ) in both input and output?

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Then remove it from the replace characters keep only “.| “ shud be good but make sure the pattern matches for the cases :slight_smile: