Convert dd-MM-yyyy to datetime and extract the day

input_date = “30-10-2020” → string

convert input_date to variable of type date

extract the day from input_date in letter
output_day = “Monday” or “Tuesday”, etc


Try Convert.ToDateTime(“10-30-2020”).ToString(“dddd”)

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Further to @Marta’s post - take a look at this solution

Main.xaml (4.7 KB)

Hopefully this helps you :slight_smile:



this is the date format dd-MM-yyyy

the proposed solution only works with this date format MM-dd-yyyy

have a look here:

ensure following:

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Late reply - but if you swap the “MM-dd-yyyy” around and the input string is in the same format then it should work.

Hopefully this helps for nex time :slight_smile:

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