Convert Date to a Particular Format Regardless of the Source Format

I want to convert a string to date with a format like (MM/dd/yyyy) so I used DateTime.ParseExact method as mentioned below.

DateTime.ParseExact(invoiceDate.ToString(),"yyyy-MM-dd", Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")

But just now I realized that the source (invoiceDate) format is dynamic. Sometimes it can be MM/dd/yyyy or dd MMM yyyy or dd-MM-yyyy etc.

is there any way to convert it to MM/dd/yyyy regardless of the source (invoiceDate) format?


You can try with as below

Hope this may help you



@MartianxSpace - Please check this post…

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Yet, it was so simple but I got confused :rofl:.

Here is the solution, it converts the date to (System format) MM/dd/yyyy format


I don’t need the date format here because I want the bot to take the system date format
thank you @Srini84 @prasath17