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I need to convert the string “03-mag-19” from the format “dd-MMM-yy” to “dd/MM/yyyy”.
How to do that in Italian?
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Did you tried these link.

Might be useful

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Hi Buddy @CamiCat

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so to convert this use like in assign activity
mydate = DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”,new CultureInfo(“it”))

EDIT :  
out_date = DateTime.ParseExact(in_date,"dd/MM/yyyy",new CultureInfo("it")).ToString
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Using @Palaniyappan idea with CultureInfo, you will need to use ParseExact, I think.

To convert that string, it will be like this:
DateTime.ParseExact("03-mag-19","dd-MMM-yy", new CultureInfo("it")).ToString("dd/MM/yyyy")

If the month is the full name, like "03-maggio-19, then change format from dd-MMM-yy to dd-MMMM-yy

I hope that helps.



aahah, right…exactly with parseexact…

Thanks buddy @ClaytonM


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Oh, you can also use Parse. @camicat @Palaniyappan

Like this:
DateTime.Parse("03-mag-19", new CultureInfo("it")).ToString("dd/MM/yyyy")

…since it is in a recognizable date format already.

So use that which is better I think, but both work.



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