Convert date format-month

No converting the format to compare with other date in excel.
I am tracking dt to to excel

In that case, you may want to remove formatting in your excel if any. Just clear format for that particular column and try it again. I try it and it is working for me. I believe, issue is not with UiPath but issue is with Excel. To ensure you can write DataTable to new Excel file. Just use Write Range Activity and create new file and see outcome.

how to format in uipath


not working throwing error
not of correct format


First you need to define proper column format in Excel and then write into Excel file. Once you changed the format then only it should work.

Ok every time I run, I have to clear the old Data?
How do I delete that via Uipath.

Before writing to excel it is throwing error. Date is of not proper format

ok a row contains date format and somewhere it appears text. Hence not taking assign activity in for each

Hi @KarthikBallary,

using the below activity, It will convert the data table column to the DateTime column. No need to use the for each loop.