Convert datatable to image

Is there a way to convert a datatable into an image? Needed
paste a datatable into the body of an email as an image, not as an attachment


you have created two posts very quickly. Is there a relationship together e.g. that the datatable is the data from the form (the other post Use form as output ) and you are interested to have it as image?

I need to submit a form and it will show up in the email as an image, not as an attachment. I am trying it with the Create Form activity and also with Excel. If the two posts are related

Perfect, the form ( I do feel ware talking about the data from the form) of which type is it? Web form, datatable, Excel? ( I do relate to your other post)

It is a Form, I have made a robot, which fills out a form with the data using the Create Form activity and I need to send that form by mail and it is not an attachment

can you share a screenshot?

Formulario.xaml (105.1 KB)Ayudahtml.docx (473.6 KB)