Convert datatable output to input dialog radio

I want to have an input dialog radio (dropdown) with the option was from one of the column in the datatable output. I’ve already tried to make a string array by using matches and string join to put into the option but its error

@Fidya_Syam - Please find the starter Help here… (41.7 KB)

My input:




Hope this helps…


invalid activity

Hello, thankyou for answering my question. I’ve tried to open your workflow but it showed missing or invalid activities, is there any package that I’ve should download or what?

My latest workflow also stopped at write line activities and I’ve tried to convert it to string array so it can be put into the ui dialog but still failed

@Fidya_Syam - This is the input dialog activity…

What version of UiPath are you using?

Go to Manage Package, and try to update if you see any blue arrows…

Thank you it’s already solved by ipgrading my package


But can we extract only unique value from the column in the uipath?

@Fidya_Syam - Yes you can do it…Just add this line After the Read range before the ArrString Assign






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Thank you so much it worked, have a great day ahead!

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