Convert datarow to array of object

Hello community, and a very happy new year to all !

I have a datatable on which I perform a for each row and in this for each row I perform a Append Row activity from the Gsuite package (v1.3). Working on spreadsheet is mandatory for this project.
I use a for each because this activity do not accept datatable var as an input (which is annoying at first).

My problem is that the only var type supported as input by this activity seems to be array of object, and here I have a datarow var.

I searched on the forum but I didn’t found the way to simply convert my datarow to an array of object that can fit this activity.

Can anyone help me please ?


Yah like this
Datarow.ItemArray this will convert a Datarow to array variable

Cheers @Martin_CHAUDEY

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Of course :sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot Pala, seems like an evidence now.

Regards and many thanks again

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