Convert csv to excel in uipath in Office365 and Win10 environment

Hi All,

Please let me know How I can convert the csv to excel in Office365 and Win10 environment. I am facing some issue.

Hi @Shirish,
CSV file is a kind of a table but each value separated by comma and column names defined in the first row. Excel by itself has a function to switch every comma into separated cells for the values.

With function Text to Columns you can make a table from csv data using “comma” as a delimiter. Then normaly save a file as an .xlsx document.

I have tried but it is not working. Please provide the exact steps. Or provide if there is any other way

Hi @Shirish

You could try this:

  1. Use Generate Data Table activity with your .csv file as input and a Data Table variable as output
  2. Use Write Range activity to save the Data Table to an Excel file