Convert critical Json To DataTable

I have a json data like billow …and i want it to convert to datatable …plese help me.

hit this url in to chrome browser and get the json…

and convert in to datatable like

Hello, I hink that is a XML file, not a JSON.
Maybe it can be used an XML activity, not the one for JSON data files

as mentioned by Adrian it is a RSS is XML

Kindly note the Webtable in the description element value

XML Processing we do with the help of the Deserialize XML Activity and then further with different methods / options e.g. LINQ for XML

When looking to the XML Details we do see that the XML is defining a document namespace which is to handle:

We do as described here:

So we do see:
the updated element is using the Atom namespace

In general we would loop over all items:

which would look like this:

for the demo we retrieves: title and updated (XML Namespace Demo)

For generic nested loop we can use the Elements method:

the table from the description we can again handle as XML (in some other scenarios we cannot)

And can apply the following:
Just for a quick retrieval RnD

So for the table generation we suggest:

  • prepare the structure with a build Datatable Activity
  • parse the xml and loop over the “item” elements the loop
  • extract the values as introduced above
  • populate and add the data row

Let us know when you need further help

Kindly note: The Demo snippets from the immediate panel will be adapted later to the implementation details. But as you can see we can quick prechecks our ideas can get support by the implementation work

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Hello @Deepak_Kumar_Patel
Kindly find the attached XAML file. You may get some idea (98.3 KB)


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