Convert Column index to column letter

Hey everyone,

I have a pretty simple question but couldnt find a way to do.

I get the column index as “columnIndex” variable, it could be 0 which is ‘A’ or could be 3 which is ‘D’ etc.

ı need something to change this to letter for example if the column index is 0 I want to save it as A or if its 1 I want to save it as B.
Any suggestions?

have a look on the activity from below:

robot will work unattanded and this package is not in the orchestrator… :frowning:

Is there any different way?

can not make out the relation from unattended bot and including the package by dependency manager. Maybe you have to configure the feeds e.g. by:

in case of you have less then 26 cols give a try on
chr(65 + ColIndex)

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It doesnt get resolved, that how its set up in work.

Addition to your other solution there are actualy around 34 column :slight_smile: so thats not viable for me as well I guess.

still you could download the package (within the version compatible) to your project and manually upload to ORC

Also have a look here on a snippet from marketplace:

Made a workaround like this is it correct?

could be a solution.
but make the bot more solid, so checkout the referenced snippet is advised.

@jntrk …please check this page…

Hey @jntrk

hi Mate - to resolve your problem instead of third party dependency you can also achieve it in studio itself.
you can refer my very old sample(posted in 2017) link on the forum. let me know if you will face any error.