Convert Column date to UK time and add 12,4,6 to date

HI All,

I want to convert column (L, M, N, O, P, Z, AA ) date to UK time (dd/mm/yyyy) and add 12,4,6 to date on column (M ) based on the value in the column (R).
This is CSV file and need to save output also to a CSV file.

Thanks for your support.

Parsing a String
YourDateTimeVariable = DateTime.ParseExact(YourDateStringVariable, “dd/MM/yyyy”, new CultureInfo(“en-GB”))

Adding 6 days:

I’m new to UiPath.
Need more detail help and steps so I can follow.
Thanks for your support.

@Mdias. It would be helpfully when you post your questions along with some sample data.


I’ve attached CSV file.( I have more than 10000 records in the original file)

1.I need to convert column date ( L,M,N,O,P,Z,AA) to dd/mm/yyyy
2.Then i need to calculate column S (Free Time) based on the value on Column Q ( Carrier)

If Column Q =
APLL add 12 days to ETA (Column L)
APL add 6 days to ETA (Column L)
CMA add 4 days to ETA (Column L)

3.Need to save file as CSV

Hope this gives more information.
Thanks in advance Data.7z (688 Bytes) for helping.

PFA Sample CSVDateAddMDias.xaml (7.3 KB)
I did some Kickstarter for you. Remaining tasks you should complete by yourself.
Kindly note: some Date Columns maybe need no conversion or a logic to detect which format is applied.

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@ppr Thanks i will check and update you

@ppr still it’s not converting as expected.
CSV file saved as mm/dd/yyyy and need to convert to dd/mm/yyyy


@MDias Kindly Note:

  • I only preimplemented, you have to complete by yourself
  • Dateformating can be adjusted by changing the format string

Even change same results.
Anyway thanks.

Sorry for adding you but you helped me in the past.
Please help if possible


To change the date format, use the following logic (you have like 80% of the code already)

read date as string → parse it into a dateTime → write that dateTime using toString(Here specify your new date format )

As an example: you have 05/28/2019 in your csv

12/28/2019 → parse it in a dateTime variable (let’s call it date1) → write in that cell date1.tostring(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

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