Convert column datatype to String

Hi All,

I have a requirement where in I have excel data of 30K.

After reading the data using READ RANGE, one of column data is in Double format. Can you please help to convert this column datatype to String

ITS URGENT!!. As one of process in production getting impacted and we are about to reach SLA

Apricate all the help!

@divya_Bhat ,

Have you tried using “Balareva actives”

Here is the link : UiPath datatable aggregation| change data type of data table| group by - YouTube

import BalaReva.EasyDataTable.Activities

use activity called change column type


@pavithra_pavi , Thank you for quick help!, really apricate all the help.!! made the changes, now code works !! :star_struck:

Happy to help :smiling_face:

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