Convert an image variable (System.Drawing.Image) into a png file

Good morning,

I have a problem on my project, because I converted an Excel range into a System.Drawing.Image, but I would like to save this image into a folder.

However I have the following message :

Save Image: Save image failed. Check if the file name is a valid path

I found on the forum that it wasn’t possible to do it because I didn’t use the “Take screenshot activity”.

Do you have other solutions to do that ?

Thank you in advance and best wishes.

Ludovic Vetter


Basically as SaveImage activity can handle System.Drawing.Image (such as Bitmap class), perhaps you should check your path. Can you share content of FileName property?



project save image


Thank you for sharing. Can you try to modify it to absolute path like C:\Users\YourAccountName\Documents\image_xls.png ?


Yes I just did, and I still have the same message.

Do you know other activities which could do the same as this one ?



Can you try Image.Save methos using Invoke Method activity as the following?


OK the problem didn’t come from the Save Image activity, but from the ExcelRangeToImage activity, which didn’t create the System.Drawing.Image variable, due to an error I did.

I changed it now and it does work.

The Invoke Method did work too.

Sorry for the time you lost on my problem :sweat_smile:

Best regards,


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