Convert a Specific text file into a Excel file

Hello All,

I have a process where I need to convert a text file into Excel file

@skg_161125 - you have to use Regex to extract the data from your text files…and write the output to excel file…

If you can share your text file(if there is no sensitive data) , we can take a look.

Hi, Thank you for you reply.

I am not able to upload any attachment due to new user restriction on this platform. Any other way I can share the sample files with you?

@skg_161125 - You can upload it to drive or github or any cloud share that works for you.

Hope this helps. Appreciate your help.

@skg_161125 - I have requested access to the first file. Second link is not working “Resource Unavailable”.

Update: got the access. Looking into it.

Granted access to both files. Should be able to access them.

@skg_161125 - Almost close, check the below link…But since Layer Qty is empty is Loc Nbr 2, i got stuck…could you please confirm , is this field is empty?

It can be empty also. Not necessarily will have value.

@prasath17 : looks like you have shared wrong workflow with me. I dont see any activity which is reading the text while and converting it into .xlsx format. Rather it is reading data from multiple excels and creating a master excel.

@skg_161125 - My bad… (43.0 KB)