Conversion problem

I have problem with this conversion, since the birthdate value on queue is empty
I cant proceed to my condition below. is there a wayaround for this? if the birthdate on queue has a value there’s no error and it passes the value on the condition and works fine


HI @shanti_18

In the If activity

Try this expression

String.IsNullOrEmpty(Birthdate) Or Birthdate.Contains("Empty")


You can try with Try Catch activity

Inside the Try put the if activity

in the Catch block leave it empty or put the Log message activity exception.message


if activity is not the problem,
this is the problem since birthdate value on queue is empty

Hi @shanti_18 ,

Could you let us know the Order of Activities used ? Is the Conversion to Date used previous to the If Condition ?

Maybe a Broader Screenshot of the Implementation would help us identify the issue better.

Also, What would you want to do if the Birthdate value is Empty ?

conversion first and then if condition

if the birthdate value is empty on the orchestrator queue, the Then condition will be executed but if it’s not empty Else condition will be executed.

but it’s not happening since the conversion to date have a problem with the empty value of birthdate on orchestrator queue

@shanti_18 ,

I believe the If Condition needs to be placed first and then the Conversion (maybe inside the Then Block of If).

Why is the Conversion being done first ? Since the value i believe is a String (Empty or Available), A check would need to be done to ensure a value is present at first and then perform conversion.

my condition is going to be this one ?

in_Birthdate.Equals(“”) or String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(in_Birthdate)

@shanti_18 ,

Yes. Do you get any error when you use this expression ?

Also, Just the below Expression should be fine :


before the if condition I assign birthdate = in_birthdate.tostring and it works fine right now.

yeah no error as of the moment, but will check the Then block if it works with this sequence

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