Conversion from Core.Browser to string

How can I convert a variable of type Core.Browser to String, so that I can see content during run time without debugging?


Which information do you want to see in Browser instance?



Could you let us know what is the content you want to retrieve from the Browser ?

Some Options :

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Hi @Yoichi ,

I can get following content from immediate panel when debugging, but I want to print this as log message or in message box.


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

maybe better to select the properties manually for a custom string representation

A quick dirty approach could be the serialization to a JSON string:

Maybe afterwards remove all non wanted properties e.g. the image base64 string

Hi @supermanPunch,

I want browser.Element to print in log message activity.

You can’t. Core.Browser is an object, not any type of value that would mean something to a human. What are you trying to do?


UiElement instance has various properties etc. Which information do you need?
If you need selector string, the following will work, for example.



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