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Hello, I want to control when a website has problems, so that the process ends directly, I try with an existing element, but the selector does not leave me, as I show in the attached image. Any ideas to control this?
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Hi @Aguirre

You can try these steps to retain the window without going off… And then construct the selector yourself and test it from UI Path

In Chrome

  1. Go to sources tab under dev tools.
  2. Hover it and press F8.
  3. You can now check the html code in dev tools and frame the selector for ui-path.


Thanks, that’s a good idea. When I went to test, the web was already working and then I used an existing element, since I couldn’t test the other. a greeting.

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Can you please share screenshot of given solution.

Since the web was working again, I could not do what it told me @Anil_G , what I did was look for a unique element of that page, that is not in the previous one and use “existing element”, if it exists, continue otherwise “Throw”

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