Control key in Terminal Session

Hello Team,
I need to press “Cntrl” in As400 i.e in terminal session, Please guide.

Thank you

AS400 have their own keyboard defined, all you need to do is set your cntrl key on menu.

  1. Click edit ->Preferences ->Keyboard->Click on IBM Default->Customize->Click on Ctrl key and see the default action. .
  2. You need to change the default action to the action you want to perform

But how can i pass control key as send keys does not have control key


Hello Lakshay,

Getting error,
Can you send any sample or any other suggestion

Use send hot keys

Send hot keys are not allowed in Terminal session

Send Control Key

and allign this key with your control key

Im not getting it, can you please send some more detailed one,
How to align it,
Thanks for you instant replies


on your control Key select F1


On your AS400

Click Edit → Preference → Keyboard → IBM Default → Customize → Now set default value for F1 to Ctrl key and save it

let me try

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