Control "Find Files & Folders" search-scope to folder or shared-drive

Hi all,

I’m looking for a method to restrict a “Find Files & Folders” call to either:

  1. Search within a specified folder and its every content, meaning in its subfolders and their subfolders until the lowest level too
  2. Restrict the call so it only searches on a specified shared GDrive

If conducted extensive research & testing already:

The Query examples state the possibility to search within a folder (Files with ID within a collection, e.g. parents collection), but the search then ignores examples that lie within a subfolder of the specified ID apparently.

The API documentation also states the possibility to include shared drive-specific query terms, including a name, but I haven’t had success yet to include this in the query string without getting an error that the query string is not valid.

Has anyone had the same or a similar scenario and succeeded in implementing one of the two or an equivalent solution? If so, input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all in advance! :slight_smile: