Control F and auto downloading of data

Hi All,

Is there a way UiPath can filter for text (like the control F function) and download data by clicking on the excel button corresponding to the text?
For example,
there are a list of different data on the screenshot and i would need UiPath to auto filter for “New House Sales Numbers to Foreigners” and download the excel by clicking the corresponding excel icon on the right… Thanks!


Is there any way to filter in that application itself
Pls check that option


To get the excel file use a click activity and
Click on one excel icon once after filtering
See the selector
Check with ID attribute
If it looks like numerical value
Then increment that ID attribute value by creating a variable in selector
For creating such variables

Then use a while loop and keep the above click activity inside this loop

For example

Cheers @victorialim

Can I clarify what you meant by filter from the application itself?
Understand that i can use ‘click’ activity on the excel icon but there are multiple excel icons hence looking for a way UiPath can read “New House Sales Numbers to Foreigners” and click on the excel icon corresponding to it.


Is there any option or button to filter the files in that application

That’s right but we are actually not using a click activity to download one single file

We need to look for PARENTID or idx attribute in the selector and increment with a variable in selector

Cheers @victorialim