Control F activity

Hi All,

Have a quick question here. Is there a ‘control F’ equivalent activity in UiPath?

Also, for example there are multiple links on a webpage - Is there a way I can get UiPath to control F and find some words and click on that particular link?

from the above site, can i get uipath to find ‘Real Gross Domestic Product’ and click it?
Note that the position of the link may change so I cannot use ‘click’ activity directly.



Can you please try with Click Text activity and pass the required text in string format to click on it.


We can try with CLICK TEXT activity on this

Hope this would help you resolve this
Cheers @victorialim

@victorialim : As @lakshman and @Palaniyappan mentioned you can get the text through the Click text by passing the appropriate selector. If you are unsure that the text may be present or not present, you can use Find element or Element exists or on element appear activities to click the text based on the Boolean results. Hope this helps. Cheers…

Thanks both.

However, is there a way UiPath can filter for text (like the control F function) and download data by clicking on the excel button corresponding to the text?
For example, there are a list of different data on the screenshot and i would need UiPath to auto filter for “New House Sales Numbers to Foreigners” and download the excel by clicking the corresponding excel icon on the right… Thanks!