Continuing tasks in the new tab

Hi, I am triyng to make a RPA jobs for adding items to shopping cart.
So, here is my job.

Go to Shoppingmall (Korean Amazon) → Search Item → Search results pop up
Click the item → Then the new tab pops up to show up the item

But, When the new tab pops up, the Browser automatically changes to
previous tab (Search results)

I am trying to continue to add the item to the shopping cart, but it didn’t go well.

Can I please get a help TㅅT


Welcome to Uipath community…!

You can use hotkeys to switch between the tabs. (ctrl+tab)

Use keyboard shortcut activity and provide the necessary hotkeys.



I recommend to use a "Attach browser " activity or a “user Application/browser” activity surrounding the click item activity. this will change bot to focus on the new tab.

Please try this and let us know if this works.