Continue Workflow on new Browser Tab

Hi There,

i am trying to automate the download of pdf documents from a web portal.
I have tried chrome and firefox.

The first step ist filtering with a number in a table, then clicking on the result. I get the number from an Excel-File, this is all working.

The click opens a new tab. On this new tab, i have to cklick a link to download the pdf.

This procedure for multiple numbers. My problem is the the second step of downloading the pdf.

I am failing to change the tab, sending shortcut is not working. Because it’s a new URL everytime (and they are generated by the webportal) it is a problem to mark the new tab a browser application. This works but only for this specific URL.

Would appreciate any ideas.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @m.grundt

The second tab title obviously should be different from the first…

Using that helped ?