Continue On Error set as True

How can I set as True Continue On Error for all my activities , not click one by one ? By click or any . I don’t know . Any help . Thanks


We don’t have any option to set for all activities at once for this property as it’s not a good practice to set True for all activities.

Generally we will set True to ContinueOnError for optional activities but not for each and every activity.


to configure all of your activities which alow us to change, you can do it from here

settings and search the library and the activities you will need to update.

But unfortunately for your requiremente there is not option to do that, also keep in mind that you want is a really bad practice, try to use the exception handling


Hi @Anh_Nguyen

As @lakshman suggestion it is not a best practice to set all activities to True

You can find in the properties panel for the click activity


But can you explain your Issue Why you need to check the Continue on Error option?