Continue on error on Get text activity


I have a Get Text activity which i use to determine if an error messge was shown by the application. If the error message is shown i use the value from the Get Text activity to close the window and proceed.

Now if there is no error the window is closed automatically by the application. I have enabled the continue on error on the Get Text activity for this. I am not totally happy with this solution as in scenarios like this it takes upto a minute approx for the execution sequence to continue to the next step.

Is there a better way i can design the flow to make the execution faster?

Thank you

In properties panel go to the Target and give time in milisecond

it will reduce waiting time for getting text

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Hi @ayub_z ,

I will suggest to use element exist before get text as if their is no error then no need to run Get Text activity.

You can decrease timeout MS from 30 sec to 10 sec if it’s window app.

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Use Element Exists. It will return true or false into a boolean variable based on whether the element (in your case, error message) exists.

Note: in modern it’s now called Check App State and needs to be inside the Use Browser/App activity


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