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i am reading excel sheet and updating “L” based on from and to date
example if from date =3 to date =7 in excel sheet “L” should be updated from 3 to 7
i am facing problem while i am trying to update from ex(may 31 to June 2)
i am not able update in different sheet


You shouldn’t have a problem doing this. You would simply use an If statement to update the different sheet name depending on which sheet should be amended.

Are you reading both sheets into datatables or simply trying to update specific cells. Not 100% sure what you are trying to but if you post your workflow and your file that should make it easier.



example1.xaml (8.6 KB)
i am not able to get contents of particular sheet


coupe of comments regarding the xaml:

  • “For Each” sequence is useless as you are not doing anything with the “item” variable.
  • in the “If” sequence you are comparing “sheet1” variable with "wb.GetSheets(0) " which will always return the name of the first sheet in the excel

i am not sure what are you actually trying to achieve here…


i have excel file with 12 sheets (named jan to dec)
i want to update “L” based on their months
example if from date is may 30 and to date is 2 June i need to updated “L” in 30th column of may sheet and other two “L”'s in 1st and 2nd column of June sheet


inside the “For Each” sequence try something like: