Continue if click type (drop down) is not available


I have created an attended BOT which extracts the data into excel from the webpage by searching some ID and the result is displayed after clicking on the drop down (:arrow_down:). The BOT is working fine if the ID is visible but if the ID is not available then the drop down (:arrow_down:) will not be available. So, when the drop down is not available the BOT hangs and closes.

I have tried Continue on Error as True for all but the activities, but still not working.

Hi @Meetzzzz

For that u can first try to get all drop-down values using find children activitiy and then Compare with each value in excel in a loop

Put a if condition for it to check whether the excel value is present in drop-down, if yes, then select the values otherwise in else section, put continue activitiy so that it can iterate to next value in excel

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