Contents of Project.json File Got Deleted

So about 10 hours ago I was able to open my project fine but now when I try to open it I get and error for not being able to read the JsonReader. I checked the project.json file and it is now empty. The only thing I did in that time span that I had not done in some time was check and commit my project back into SVN.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Thanks

@jpreziuso Can you delete the .json file and open the Project again?

By open the Project again you mean open the xaml file? Or just the entire project folder?

I could delete the .json file but won’t that potentially cause more issues?

@jpreziuso Open the xaml file after deleting the .json file, If you’re not sure Keep a Copy of the Original Project :sweat_smile:

That seems to have worked, thanks. But one other question…

When I attempt to publish my project to orchestrator or restore dependencies, I get another error saying that there is not enough space on the disk. I have never received this error before and I do not know what is causing this issue…any idea?

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@jpreziuso Can you try Creating a new process which just has a message box in it, and try to publish it.

I was able to publish that

@jpreziuso Can you tell me what is the file size of the Project which you got an error when publishing?

Large. 800+ MB. But I have never received this before

@jpreziuso I don’t think we can publish such a Large file :sweat_smile: , the Maximum size is 40 MB i guess

Well actually, my fault, that was the size of the entire project folder. The size of the Main xaml file is 54 KB.

Like I said, I have never had an issue publishing before

I believe it is an issue with the storage on my virtual machine. I will have to look into that. Thanks for your help

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Hello jpreziuso , If your project files store on local machine so here I think your Project.json file can be recovered with the help of data recovery utility programs. You may try free programs like Stellar Data Recovery free Edition or Recuva. Both utilities are completely free and able to recover system files or project library files easily.