Content Types

Can someone please explain what the different content types are in Document Manager-Document Understanding? I have a field that I do not what captured as a credit and I’m not sure what the difference in the content types are to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Hi Sawyer,
Below is the explanation for content types:
The content type of a field:

  • string: appropriate for company names or addresses, as well as payment terms, or for any other field where the RPA developer prefers to build the parsing or formatting logic manually, in the RPA workflow.
  • number: appropriate for amounts or quantities, with intelligent parsing of the decimal/thousands separators.
  • date: the model parses, formats and unifies the output in a yyyy-mm-dd format.

NOTE: Dates using Arabic numerals are not supported. We recommend using the string Content type for extracting Arabic dates.

  • phone: appropriate for phone numbers. Formatting removes letters and parentheses, and replaces spaces with dashes.
  • id-no: appropriate for alphanumeric codes, numbers of IDs, it is similar to the string content type, but includes cleaning of any characters coming before a colon :. If the id number you need to extract might contain colon : characters, please use string as content type instead to avoid data loss.