Containers within Tenant



Increase usability. 40 robots with 100 processes are right now unmanageble.

How it works
Container is similar with a tenant only that users can switch views without logging in and out.
A container is a group of resources that includes.

A user will be able to select which container is currently working with or see all of them.

  • Environments/Robots
  • Releases
  • Queues
  • Assets
  • Schedules
  • Jobs

These resources are not shared within multiple containers.

Containers will have access rights: certain users can see only certain containers.

As a result you may end-up with

  • HR
  • Payroll

Or you can use them for

  • test
  • staging
  • dev

Therefore processes can be shared across multiple containers.

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Roles In Orchestrator

@andrzej.kniola @b_s @JOrdinas
Would you like to share robots across Containers (Units)?


Not sure. How would you define a container? Will it be something like a sub workspace if tenant is a workspace?
In one of our examples i ask for asset per environment and container should be the solution.
And yes, in that case i wish to share robots across containers.
Make sense to add the robots per tenant and assign to a container.
Perhaps it would be better to have a robot active on only one container but you can change it (like for environment in current version).
Concerning assets it would be great to have tenant assets which could be used in all containers (and changed global in tenant) and assets per container.

I guess a container will not have an own elasticserach index. Elasticsearch index is per tenant, right?


Is anything like containers available today? I would like the possibility to divide users (based on roles) into groups/containers. So HR and Payroll can activate shared robots but sensitive information in the job and secret credentials are not shared.


@Tiramisu i think it’s a future enhancement… UiPath Development team is taking feedback from UiPath lovers


Thanks for the hint.
I was looking at the documentation and containers sounds similar to units.
However units cannot share robots, I think:

“The same Robot cannot be provisioned on two different organization units.”


Yes, for now we have org units…but we’re waiting for feedback on how enhance them in the future.