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Unable to access the tenant

One might receive the attached error if they have deleted a tenant and haven't performed an IIS reset and then proceeded to create a new tenant with the same name as the deleted tenant.

The issue gets automatically resolved after a certain time due to QUARTZ jobs that perform clean-up at scheduled times. Performing an IIS restart or reset resolves the issue immediately. Follow the below approach to delete any tenant as we do not recommend deleting the tenant through the DB approach.

If deletion of a tenant from the database is required, the following steps can be performed:

  1. Remove all objects like Machines, Robots, and Processes from the Tenant that are needed to be removed. Also, remove the license.
  2. Logon as a tenant admin to the Orchestrator
  3. Open the following URL, which is the API endpoint: https://[orchestrator machine name]/swagger/ui/index
  4. Open the Tenants section
  5. Open [get /odata/Tenants] and click [Try it out!]. The list of all tenants is returned. Find the tenant ID of the target tenant to remove
  6. Open [delete /odata/Tenants({Id})] and specify the tenant ID in the ID parameter, click [Try it out!]
  7. Perform IIS reset or restart