Consuming concurrent licenses

The following challenge: When starting a studio, the robot logs on to the orchestrator and consumes a concurrent license. When the studio is terminated, the robot remains active and continues to consume a license. To release the license, the robot must be terminated manually.

Is there a way to set the robot to exit automatically when the studio is finished, so that no concurrent license is used up? Or must it be terminated manually each time?


Hi @t-home currently we need to terminate the robot manually. Robot starts when studio starts but it doesn’t terminate when studio is closed. There is no way as of now that i am aware of.

Hi @t-home
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I hope you are with enterprise edition, so …
Actually when you have a studio there is studio robot comming along with it but its just for development purposes only , when the studio license over the studio robot also goes off.

What you need to do is you have to purchase Attended/Unattended robot to run your processs without having studio.thts what you need to do.

As you mention this is not possible because studio ans studio robot means one thing.

As i said earlier if you need robot , then you have to buy robots :money_mouth_face::sunglasses: