Consuming a SOAP Service Using Custom Activities / Create Custom Activity for Soap Services

Query :
I would like to create a Custom SOAP Service activity based on this UiPath article: I am using Visual Studio 2017 .


Any activity to be included into UiPath Activity needs to inherit “CodeActivity” abstract class .
Add References & NameSpace :
using System.Activities;
using System.ComponentModel;

Once you inherit you need to override the Execute method and provide required implementation . Same like below .

In Consuming A Service :
You need to develop code to consume the service as a client.
Creating functions to consume the service , defining variables and fetching the results .

Make sure the class which contains the input variables & return result of webservices needs to be inherited from the CodeActivity .
and implement the abstract methods .
Once you are able to invoke the service and produce the desired result from the Visual Studio i.e you have a class object , you need to follow the same steps which i have implemented earlier .

How to consume a webservice , please refer the below links :

Summary :

  1. Consume the service in your library , create necessary function and implement abstract function.
  2. Follow the steps to create the activity using the Nuget package explorer and adding it to the UiPath studio.
  3. update the Uipathrobot.exe.config file.

Few Useful Links :

Please refer the below link which details out complete step of creating a custom activity .

Execute your custom code in a workflow