Good morning,

I am looking for a company that does one on one consulting and training for Uipath. Does anyone on here know of / recommend a particular company?

Hi @thoy,

You can have a look on our company, Symphony.
We are doing Consulting, Training, mentoring, Implementations, Managed services and more…

We won couple of awards recently, I like to believe it is not only because our executives are playing golf together… :smiley:

You can also find the list of other training partners here.

Let me know if you have any question in private message.


HI @Florent_Salendres I would love to work with symphony, I previously attended a 1 week training with your company. However I spoke with Derek Garvin from Symphony and got no response. Is there someone better to speak with, I am looking for really a mentor who can help me when I get stuck designing a new Bot.

Let’s speak offline and see what we can do.