Consultation about GetCredentials - Course 3 Assigment 1 Acme System1

Good every one dear.
I have a problem with my process of obtaining credentials of course 3 ACME System 1.
I downloaded the structure of the Github project and there are some activities that I do not recognize due to the fact that what I downloaded was done with an older version of UiPah studio than mine.
I hope you can help me so I can finish Assigment 1 of the course.
If someone had a similar problem, can you provide me with that fragment or that process, please?
I already want to be able to complete this activity and move forward with the course to complete it.
Thank you!


Hi @aferreira054,

I’m pretty sure this is because you don’t have the required package installed:

From memory that section of the REFramework deals with windows credentials and asking for login details if orchestrator credentials aren’t available.

Let me know if that works!


Hi @aferreira054,

The REF template is already available from the UiPath Studio.

If this is what you’re looking for.


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