Consolidate excel


I need to consolidate the below file as one file.
Records starts from row 12 of each excel and need to retain the contents above common for all the excels.
Please provide me solutionDailyLog02222018_072904.xlsx (40.2 KB)
DailyLog02222018_120014.xlsx (39.8 KB)
DailyLog02222018_120737.xlsx (39.8 KB)
DailyLog02272018_065740.xlsx (39.8 KB)
DailyLog02262018_113005.xlsx (39.8 KB)
DailyLog02272018_064855.xlsx (40.0 KB)

Hey @Girish

I guess Anyone will do it with pleasure :slight_smile: just wanna know have you tried at your end? where actually you were getting problem? because i will love to address if you are getting prob somewhere in the middle. :slight_smile: