Consider only that id which is serched in another excel file not with the prefix or suffix number

I have two excel which needs to be compared, 1-Excel sheet with an ID(007) and the same ID will be present in 2-Excel but the problem is, the ID in 2-Excel having same number with prefix/Suffix another number.
1-Excel 2-Excel
007 101-007

So in this case when I search the ID in 2-Excel it will get 2 rows but I need to get result based on what I search in excel no prefix or suffix duplicates required. Kindly help and if we already have this solution please post the link. Thanks!

@vmadinen Can you show us how you have implemented this by Providing Screenshot or your workflow file?

Thanks for your reply, I have not implemented this yet, I am finding the answer
Now when I search in the 2-Excel with the ID(ex:007) from 1-Excel… It should find 007 not the prefix and suffix number’s.

@vmadinen After you get the ID in Excel 2 which is an Exact match in the Excel 1 , What operations d you want to do?

Thanks! again, Based on the search if I find the exact value in 2-Excel, then I will load that particular ID into the queue. This is just to avoid exceptions.

The 2-Excel is a standered template where these ID’s for different country’s will be listed and 1-Excel will be the input. So based on the input value ID we lookup in 2-Excel and if found we load to queue.

@vmadinen Can you try implementing the Workflow, we will help you if have issues on the go