Connection To BOSaNOVA

How to connect BOSaNOVA existing session terminals using UIPath.

Hi Gaurav,

BOSaNOVA is a limited Terminal Emulator, it does not offer an EHLL API programmable interface and UiPath does not have a direct connector to it either.

So you are left with two options:

  1. Agnostic Terminal Automation (handle it like a regular Desktop App) - preferred.
  2. Use Internal Provider to connect directly to mainframe (and circumvent BOSaNOVA altogether).

I would recommend option 1.
Here’s a short guide (made for UiPath 2018.2.* level but relevant for the latest versions as well (the actual activities may vary a bit).

FAN-TerminalAgnosticAutomation-NativeTerminals-171218-0955.pdf (214.8 KB)

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For what is worth, managed to try out EHLLAPI with “BOSaNOVA Secure”, version 7.12.
This one has the support (so I was wrong about it)
The DLL should be located under:
C:\Program Files (x86)\BOS\BOSaNOVA Secure\Bshll32.dll

The configuration to connect to it should be:

Hope this helps someone who might search the forum for it, from now on.
Obviously, make sure EHLL Encoding is set correctly, if needed.

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