Connection Error "The Floating Robot's Session Is Already Active On Machine XXXX"

Why is an unlicensed error thrown even when sufficient licenses are present?

Talking about the Modern Folder concept, while a single user across many folders is expected, and a single user running multiple Robots in a folder is okay, the Orchestrator will not allow a user running multiple Bots simultaneously across folders.

Consider example, a User1 and a Floating Robot1 connected to VM1(User 1 currently logged in) are present. If logged in to another VM (say VM2), with User1's credentials, and then trying to connect the Robot, error "The floating robot's session is already active on another machine" is thrown.

Since a Floating Robot session is already active on VM1(User1), it will not be possible to connect the Robot to VM2 as a User1.

To resolve this, proceed as follows:

For more information, refer to: