Connection between robots

Ho w can we connect a robot in one domain to an orchestrator in another domain?

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with its machine name create a machine in your orchestrator and domain/username along with its password while creating robot
to get the domain and username of the machine where you want to run, in cmd enter the command as whoami which will give the domain and username which can be used while creating robot for the machine

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Could you please elaborate. I did not understand the steps.


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so if we have our orchestrator in one machine (like one domain) and our machine where we want to execute the process is in another domain,
–lets take like A as where our orchestrator is used and B is the place where we want to run as two different domains
–so get the machine name of B from its robot tray
–now get back to the orchestrator in A where in the machine tab create a machine for B
–once after creating a machine in the orchestrator create a robot in orchestrator and mention that machine name
–along the process of creating a robot to mention the domain/username we can get the domain and username from B using this command whoami in the cmd command prompt
–once after mention the domain and username mention the password to connect to B
–now create a ENVIRONMENT in the robot tab and add that robot to that environment
–finally get back to the machine B where in the robot tray click on settings and mention the orchestrator URL and the machine key (obtained from machine tab in orchestartor)
and connect

thats all buddy you are done
hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
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kindly let know for any queries or clarification
do we have any
Cheers @nole_1