Connecting UiPath with MobaxTerm


I have to do terminal automation, having difficulty in connecting UiPath with MobaxTerm.
I have installed package UiPath.Terminal.Activities.
Kindly help me with this.


If the connection details are correct, try this approach:

  • Install the latest Studio version 2022.4.4 → Install Studio

  • In the UiPath Studio install UiPath.Terminal.Activities[2.5.0]


If after that you still facing the issue, try another approach in order to solve the issue:

  1. Use terminal Activities > Direct Connection: (provide the correct port and terminal mode)

Example of a BOSaNOVA connection:

  1. Use Internal Provider to connect directly to the mainframe (and circumvent MobaxTerm altogether)

  2. Perform the settings accordingly: Code Page Identifiers - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn