Connecting UIPath Robot and Orchestrator

Hi @aruns

Here are the following steps you have to follow to provision and to link your robot to Orchestrator Server( In You case for Demo its URl will be

  1. Very first thing you have to keep in mind is first you have to Publish your workflow.You can publish it via Uipath studio Setup Tab.

  2. After publishing a workflow you will be able to find it in UIRobot Available tab.

  3. After Starting Uipath Studio You will able to see a UiRobot is running in a system tray.

  4. Right Click on that UiRobot icon in a system tray.You will get a following interface.

  5. After this you have to click on that setting icon.You will get following interface.

  6. click on setting option. You will get following interface after this.

  7. you will get such options.
    Machine Name - It will be automatically pop up.
    Robot Key - Find below i am explaining how to get it.
    Orchestrator Url - For demo u can enter "http://demo.uipath,com

For this you have to visit orchestrator server url for demo visit following URl “
You will get following interface after creating your credentials.

Click on Robots tab on the left side.
After that click on Provision Robot button.
you will get following popup.

copy that key and past in your local UIRobot setting Robot key section and similar way Machine name too.
In the next Name field You can type your robot name what you wants to give it.
then after your system credentials. and after that select type for Demo you can choose DevTest and to run robot even in Logoff mode you can select Backoffice.
Description could be anything.
after that click on Provision button.
Please follow following steps:
Provision Robot-Create Environment-Manage Robots-Add Queue-Add Asset (Global/per robot)-Publish Process from UiStudio
-Create Release-Start Job/Add Schedule

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