Connecting to Outlook in AWS

We have our robots in AWS. The process that do not need to use Outlook work fine. anytime outlook is required i have to login to AWS and open outlook. Therefore I have to login very early in the morning each day to make sure the robots will run.

My first idea was to have a robot simply open up outlook but i am not able to get this to work. Are there any ideas or possible solutions i could try?

I had a similar problem. I had a bot on AWS Cloud and delivered it to a customer.
It would be a situation similar to me. Outlook had to be turned on all the time. However, Outlook was difficult to run as a daemon.
I thought about two methods.

1.Task Schedular
I wrote a Bat or VBscript code that checks whether Outlook is turned on every minute using the Task Scheduler and if it is turned on.

2. Use Exchange Server, not Outlook
Since I was sending mail through Exchange Server anyway, I replaced all of the RPA solution’s Outlook-related functions with Exchange Server, and it is still working.

The RPA program I was using at the time had to have Outlook turned on.
(Even if I use the Receive Email function, I couldn’t read the mail if Outlook wasn’t running a few seconds ago.) So I had to keep Outlook turned on, but instead solved it by communicating directly with the Exchange Server.