Connecting to Orchestrator

Why is it not possible to connect Ui robot (enterprise edition) with Orchestrator (commuinity edition)? It always throws me an error ‘A task was canceled’, when I try to connect the robot.

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kindly restart your machine and try once connecting
Cheers @Yadu.krishnan

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@Palaniyappan …Thank you for your reply!
I tried restarting the machine several times. I have Ui studio and Robot (enterprise edition). But is it possible to connect a Ui Robot (Enterprise Edition) with Orchestrator (Community Edition)?

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make sure that you have done this step

its a new update

yah thats possible
i have tried it

Cheers @Yadu.krishnan



Yes it’s possible but after that your Robot licence will change to Community Edition from Enterprise Edition. If it is ok then you can go ahead.